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In Conjunction with the Admin Professional Week celebrated worldwide, Corporate Frontier is presenting another exciting and enriching event especially for PA, Secretaries and Admin Professionals. This conference is not only to celebrate their contributions to their organizations but as well as to provide a fun, enriching and engaging session for self-development.

This year we are lining up topics that are relevant in our fast-paced and hyper-connected world. The theme Pushing Boundaries & Striving for Excellence is a theme to empower participants in continuously obtaining new knowledge and ideas to evolve into their best version. Important topics such as grooming, developing the right social skills in various settings, surviving office politics, how to use social media and many more, will be presented in this conference by our most inspiring and impactful line-up of speakers.


  • Overcome The Challenges In Handling Difficult People Easily
  • Learn The Do’s And Donts Of Social Media And Turn It Into An Empowerment Tools
  • Use The Power Of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Looking Great All The Time : Strategy In Grooming And Personal Style
  • Defeat Office Politics And Turn It Onto A Positivity
  • Make Good Impression Through Dining Etiquette

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