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SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT & MANAGING UNCERTAINTY: Techniques & Approaches In Modern Risk Management


Effective risk management can make all the difference when it comes to delivering challenging and complex projects and achieving supply chain objectives. The level of risk in supply chain operations today is increasing and success crucially depends on developing an effective mindset, process and practice in relation to early risk assessment and creative risk strategies.

This 2-days workshop will explore techniques and approaches in modern risk management, drawing on relevant logistics industry approaches.


This workshop will provide a practical exploration of risk management, enabling participants to apply effective risk management practices in the supply chain and business environments.  The workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Analyse and evaluate logistics risk
  • Develop creative risk strategies to improve the outcome of the value chain
  • Understand different sources of risk including: technical, supplier, financial, customer, resource, schedule, contractual and environmental risk factors
  • Explore the range of tools, techniques and processes available to improve risk management practice
  • To provide participants with new options and approaches for managing risks within the supply chain and programme environments.

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