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DATE: 29th-30th October 2018

VENUE: Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu



A proper sales and marketing strategy involve more than just running some advertisements and cold-calling a list of prospects. Developing the right strategy is a process that requires research to discover who your prime sales prospects are, what motivates their purchasing, and how your firm fits in the marketplace. The data your research provides is what will drive your sales and marketing strategy. With the right plan, growth and profitability are predictable and controllable.

Effective sales and marketing require talent, expertise, effort, and consistency. If that doesn’t exist inside your organization, then it’s important that you find an outside resource that can help you develop and implement your strategy.

  • Having challenges with chaotic marketing environment in the Hospitality Industry?
  • Having challenges to handle your customers?
  • Want to learn how to create effective marketing tools?
  • Want to learn how to create a sustainable marketing plan to serve the customers?

This two days’ workshop is particularly important in salesmanship because more than 70 percent of salespeople have direct contact with customers. They are responsible for helping customers satisfy their needs and resolve their problems.

The sales profession is very interesting yet challenging. To be a successful salesperson, a lot of efforts, skills, emotional elements, and a certain level of commitment are required. The task of selling becomes more challenging while dealing with human feelings and emotions. A success of a salesperson is highly dependent on its sensitivity while dealing with its clients and customers. Ability to read body language accurately can bring benchmarking turns and give amazing control during the sales process.

This program enables participants to:

  • Explore the building of customer loyalty expectations and how theses utilized as marketing drivers
  • Develop an understanding of relationship management and its importance to the sales and marketing strategy of the business
  • Research and explore the various principles, concepts and systems utilized in the marketing and sales within the hospitality industry
  • Identify the elements of brand management and how these impact customer service and guest expectations
  • Define marketing mix theory and strategies and how these relate to marketing and sales objectives
  • Examine the elements that enable a salesforce to be an effective component of an organization’s overall marketing strategy
  • Understand the sales process, the relationship between sales and other organizational functions
  • Understand relationship selling and handling rejections effectively
  • Embrace that closing sales using heart and soul of customers is a powerful marketing tool
  • Know that the use of technology to improve salesforce effectiveness

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