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SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT: Negotiation, Draft And Manage SLA, 21-22 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur


This course will focus on the critical aspect of drafting and managing Service Level Agreement to ensure that it achieves its intended objectives and goals. Those in charge of managing the partnership with their service provider need to know how to successfully deal with common issues in managing Service Level Agreement such performance, service delivery failures, disputes and other legal related matters.  Service Level Agreement sets the foundation for the metrics that determine the quality of service performance produced and serve as a legal contract between supplier and customer. This course will provide participants opportunity to learn the current best practices SLAs; from setting the framework, metrics to understanding the legal obligation of a written contract. Participants will also be exposed to the most common real-life SLA management related issues. At the end of the training, participants will walk away understanding what the latest best practices of managing SLA performance.


• Understand the critical points in drafting SLA
• Clearly define objectives, descriptions of terms and expectations in SLA
• Avoid the common legal pitfall in drafting SLA
• Dealing with Non-performance effectively.
• Enforcing confidentiality and Non-disclosure terms
• Remedies for disputes and dealing with termination
• Prevent losses from Service failure

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