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PROJECT MANAGEMENT: MANAGING TROUBLED PROJECTS, 30 Sept – 1 Oct 2019, Radisson Hotel, Brunei



Achieving project success is an exception rather than the norm.  PMI (PMI, 2013) reported that for organizations with low Organizational Project Management Maturity Level, only 39% their projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meeting their original business goal. Thus every project manager had definitely been involved in some unsuccessful or troubled projects during his or her career.  When such situation arises, what should a project manager do?

Whether a troubled project ultimately succeeds or fails depends on the effectiveness of the actions taken to recover the project. This workshop is designed to enable project managers to take effective action to improve the probability of recovering troubled projects. Participants will be able to answer the following key questions based on proven approach in managing troubled project:

  • What is the root causes of troubled projects?
  • What is their cost to organizations?
  • What could project team do to successfully recover troubled projects?

Turning Theory into Practice

We have created a programme that will introduce you to the skills, tools and the methodologies essential to the successful planning and controlling of projects. Of particular focus will be the development of your own people management and interpersonal skills required to deliver performance on projects at all levels. The course is driven by practical experience and your needs, giving you the opportunity to immediately apply your new understandings and skills to your own projects.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define troubled project.
  • Describe implications of troubled projects.
  • Determine symptoms of troubled projects.
  • Explain causes of troubled projects.
  • Apply troubled project recovery framework to manage troubled projects.
  • Develop personal plan to translate lesson learnt into effective and sustainable action to manage troubled projects

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