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(Remote Online Training) Service Level Agreement: Negotiating, Drafting And Managing SLAs, 25-26 April 2022


“This course is filled with invaluable information and techniques for managing SLA successfully. To be delivered by one of our best legal trainers.”

This seminar is designed to help those business professionals who have to get involved in the subject of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Both External and Internal SLAs, where an organization may use shared services or set up an internal service centre. The requirements are similar to those needed to create an external provider document but there are some subtle differences. Throughout this seminar, delegates will learn what is the purpose of SLAs, how to create either a complex or even one-page document. They will be tasked with working with the legal department to ensure the SLAs meet internal KPIs and business needs. They will learn the importance of negotiation, costing and managing relationships to minimize conflict and maximize success.

This course will focus on the critical aspect of drafting and managing Service Level Agreements to ensure that it achieves their intended objectives, KPIs and goals. Those in charge of managing their service providers need to know how to successfully deal with common issues in managing Service Level issues such as performance monitoring, measuring tools, service delivery failures, disagreements, disputes and other legal related matters.

By attending this course, participants will also have an opportunity to learn the current best practices for SLAs; from setting the framework, metrics to understanding the legal obligation of a written contract. Participants will be exposed to the most common real-life SLA management related issues. At the end of the training, participants will walk away understanding and appreciating the latest best practices for managing SLA performance.


  • Understand the difference between a contract and a Service Level Agreement and how to optimize their relationship.
  • Understand how to negotiate service level agreements with internal suppliers.
  • Be able to plan and draft a range of internal service level agreements and construct and control contract negotiations and disputes
  • Learn to ensure both parties interpret the SLA the same way.
  • Know how to document appropriate quality outcomes from service contracts.
  • Be able to determine appropriate key performance measurement parameters. 

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