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Power BI is quickly becoming the world’s most powerful self-service business intelligence platform, and an essential tool for data professionals and beginners alike. With Power BI you can connect to hundreds of data sources, build complex relational models using simple and intuitive tools, and design stunning, interactive dashboards from scratch.

This course is suitable for business analysts, data analysts, and individuals who are eager to learn about BI and data analytics, whether you’re a recent graduate, a young professional, or a manager. With the guidance of our expert instructor, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Power BI, from connecting to various data sources to creating interactive dashboards and visualizations. You’ll also learn how to use advanced features, such as tooltips, animation, and bookmarks, to make your data more captivating and design effective dashboards.

By the end of the course, not only will you have developed an entire business intelligence tool from the ground up using Power BI, but you will have gained the knowledge and confidence to apply these same concepts to your own Power BI projects. 

This Course Include



Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Help you learn Power BI Desktop from scratch
  • Covers all the essential features and functions
  • Skills you need to effectively use Power BI Desktop for data analysis
  • You will be able to analyze & visualize data like a pro
  • You will be able to make data-driven decisions with ease
  • You will also learn how to design effective dashboards
  • How to use Power BI’s many features to effectively analyze and present your data
  • You’ll be ready to take your data analysis skills and your career to the next level 
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