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Contractual disputes are known to be highly time consuming, expensive and known to affect morale of employees. It can potentially destroy client and supplier relationships that have been painstakingly built up over the years. Contractual disputes will unnecessarily increase the cost of a contract as waste the efforts that has been invested onto a project.

At best, contractual disputes should be avoided from the beginning by drafting a thorough and easy to understand contract clauses. It is in everyone’s interest to work at avoiding disputes in the first place. Inevitably, however, disputes do occur and when they do the importance of a fast, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution procedure cannot be overstated.

As alternative disputes resolution provides a more flexible approach than a legal remedy, more contract disputes are taking it towards this path. This course will provide participants effective techniques to resolve contractual disputes and its legal remedies.

Avoid Common Mistakes Commit In Contracts That Lead To Disputes & Conflict
Learn To Foresee Conflict And Disputes Before It Arises
Learn What Constitute A Breach Of Contract
Avoid Future Pitfall By Understanding Contract Clauses Thoroughly
Preparation To Make Before Opting For Alternative Dispute Resolution
Expertly Negotiate A Commercial Contract
Avoid Expensive Litigation Cost & Time By Finding Alternative Dispute Resolution

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