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CHEMICAL SAFETY, WASTE & SPILLAGE MANAGEMENT, 25-26 June 2019, Radisson Hotel, Brunei


The use of chemicals and the production of waste in developed and developing countries have been increasing significantly during the past three decades. It is no doubt that chemicals and their wastes will continue to play an important role in the arena of industries. However, both these chemicals and their waste will pose danger in case we are not able to manage them properly.

The aim of this training is three-fold: One is to educate the participants on chemical safety, on the importance and the proper manner of Waste Management according to Environmental Quality Regulations on Schedule Wastes and finally on the method of controlling and managing chemical spillage.

Nature’s method of processing waste was once well within the means by which it could reduce or dilute them to safe limits. However, this has changed due to surge in consumer demands for new products and goods which leads to generation of large amount of wastes. The subject on waste management will cover the type of waste produced and how it can be eliminated, reduced, reused, segregated, stored, transported, treated and disposed. The topics will also touch on the legal requirement in compliance to Brunei laws & regulations.

The other part of the subject will be on Emergency Preparedness i.e. Chemical Spillage Management, especially which are of hazardous type. A chemical hazard can be defined as any chemical substance that is capable of causing bodily harm, disease, illness or death, or is capable of causing a change in a person’s behavior, or a decrease in their mental alertness. Chemical hazards are considered much more difficult to identify and assess than physical hazards, especially in regards to their long-term effects on human health. One of the dangers of using chemicals in the workplace is its exposure, especially when there is spillage.

The topic will be inclusive of formation of Emergency Response Team – The Chemical Spillage Clean – Up Team. The participants will also have hands on training on ways to manage chemical spillage. More importantly, the participants will be trained on proactive methods on preventing chemical spillage.

The objectives of this training on Chemical Safety, Waste and Chemical Spillage Management are:

  • Create awareness among the participants on the ill – effects of chemicals and schedule wastes
  • Help identify routes of entry of chemicals into the body
  • Enable participants to use the various techniques and tools to conduct proper control measures to eliminate or reduce or manage wastes
  • Demonstrate to the participants on how to monitor emissions in order to minimize loss of lives and property by early pro – active detection.
  • Assist participants to identify and manage proper Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Help participants to implement the proper procedures in handling hazardous chemicals
  • Equip participants to prepare for an emergency response
  • Enable participants to understand Chemical Safety Data Sheet

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