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Occupational Safety and Health is an important part of industrial Management. However, Accidents and hazards to health represent costly factors in the work environment and must be guarded against constantly. During our everyday activities, we do not give any thought to the possibility of accidents and illness in the work stations.

More than two million workers die each year through work – related accidents and diseases. This figure does not account for injuries which are chronic and acute in nature.

Significant number of occupational deaths and accidents could have been prevented if organizations use the best accident prevention strategies and practices. Occupational Safety and Health Root Cause Analysis is one of the best tools that management or a safety practitioner can have at his command. It does not only investigate an accident but it prevents reoccurrence of such accident.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate to the participants on the importance of Occupational Safety and Health
  • Help determine the weakness on the Occupational Safety and Health Management System
  • Enable participants to use the various techniques and tools to determine the root cause of the accident and to analyze the findings so as to prevent such reoccurrence
  • Fulfill the legal requirement under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and the Factory and Machinery Act 1967
  • To demonstrate to the participants on the immediate steps to take after the occurrence of any accident or incident.
  • Equip participants on the skill of interviewing the injured and the witnesses
  • Determine the cost of an accidents and property damage
  • Prepare participants to formulate conclusions and recommendations
  • Enable participants to prepare written report both to the management and the authorities
  • Expose common errors involved during Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Additionally, expose participants to methodology on Accident Prevention

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