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The fundamental principle behind any occupational health and safety programme should be the control of hazards. Hazards are an inherent component of every workplace whether they are recognized or not. They can have different effects on different people short and long term illness, injuries and even death. They also have the potential to cause damage to plant and equipment.

Any Safety programme that does not have the control of hazards at its core is doomed to produce poor result. There is more to the recognition, evaluation and control of hazards than first meets the eye.

This training course will provide the participants with the knowledge to effectively identify hazards in the workplace, personally assess the impact of these hazards and make recommendations on eliminating, controlling or reducing the risk of these hazards.


No industry is free or immune from a disaster such as fire, flood, explosion, bomb threat, chemical spillage etc. It is usually a catastrophic event that will disrupt normal operations causing damage to property and life of the employees. It can arise any time and at most of the time when we least expect it. Therefore, it is very important that leaders of these industries plan and are well prepared for an emergency. Legally, this is extremely vital since the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 delegates the responsibility of caring for the employees and others in the workplace in the hands of the employers.

A survey conducted revealed that most of the Emergency Response Teams, especially in chemical oriented plants would be ineffective in the event of a disaster. Guess why? Because the organization which planned the formation of an Emergency Response Team, failed to plan or consider all the elements so vital in putting together an effective team.

This training is very timely as we need to take every proactive step to safeguard the employees and the property especially when there is so much of uncertainty, both economically and politically in the world today.


This training is designed to ensure that one of the important components of the Emergency Response Team i.e. the First Aiders understand their role which in turn facilitates proactive steps to safeguard the lives of the employees and the others especially when there is so much of uncertainty, both economically and politically in the world today.

It is also stressed in the Guidelines for First Aid Facilities to ensure First Aiders are trained and available if there are more than 20 workers.

This course is 100% HRDF SBL SCHEME CLAIMABLE.

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