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Supervisory Management Skills


The Supervisory Management Skills Program focuses on the role of a supervisor and  cascades to the common issues a supervisor may face in the workplace. Supervisory management is the act of overseeing teams of employees and guiding daily operations in a business. A supervisor or manager is the company’s connection between the employees and the executive team of the business.

Functional supervision is critical in ensuring that operational business goals are achieved. Employees who play the role of a supervisor in a business need to be able to balance business requirements with the interpersonal skills required to meet the needs of their stakeholders. It is crucial to be aware of the fundamentals of supervision. This program will help focus and develop the skills required to be an effective supervisor which will in turn ensure the business goals are achieved with trust, respect, ownership, accountability, and a positive workspace.

This training program will empower the participants with practical exercises, role-plays and case studies to develop the skills and techniques a successful supervisor requires in an everyday working environment. The program also encourages a process of self-understanding, strengths and weakness, use of emotional intelligence and allows the participants to practice the core skills which will assist in developing realistic supervisory skills.

This Course Include



Upon completing this Supervisory Management Skills Training Program successfully, participants will be able to:

  • Obtain increased awareness of the role and requirements of a supervisor within business
  • Learn how to positively motivate and engage their employees and teams in the achievement of company goals and targets
  • Understand how to effectively and consistently communicate in a manner which causes clear employee understanding of their role, manage conflicts and fosters positive relationships
  • Comprehend and apply employment legislation and internal policy in a consistent manner as it applies to the situation and circumstances
  • Know how to escalate issues to the relevant department in a timely manner
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