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SAFE HANDLING, STORING & LABELING OF DANGEROUS GOODS, 24th – 25th April 2019 @ The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching

TITLE: SAFE HANDLING, STORING & LABELING OF DANGEROUS GOODS, 24-25 April 2019, The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching (CEP Points Applicable)


The purpose of the training on Safe Handling, Storing and Labeling of Dangerous Goods is particularly relevant if you’re manufacturer, supplier of dangerous goods, or an occupier of a premise where dangerous goods are stored and handled. It is also very relevant for employees and health and safety representatives.

The topics include but not limited to duties for manufactures and suppliers of dangerous goods and the occupiers of premises where dangerous goods are stored and handled. It also covers risk control associated with the storage and handling of dangerous goods and emergency planning.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Legislations related to Occupational Safety and Health
  • Demonstrate to the participants on the importance of an effective control of dangerous goods.
  • Knowing the methodology of handling and storing dangerous goods
  • To demonstrate on the requirements for labeling
  • Knowing Dangerous Goods and their difference with Hazardous Goods.
  • Understanding labeling requirements and pictograms
  • Methodology of doing a Risk Control Measures
  • Discussion of Safety Data Sheet
  • Preparing for any emergency.

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