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(Remote Online Training) Managing Projects Using Microsoft Project 2019, 14-15 June 2022 Via Zoom


Microsoft® Project gives you a powerful, visually enhanced way to effectively manage a wide range of projects and events: from meeting crucial deadlines, selecting the right resources, empowering your teams, to organizing your annual dinner or family day.

Participants can sharpen their computer skills in this latest available software resource, as it will give you the necessary knowledge to use this tool to successfully manage your projects, whether individually, in teams or in an enterprise. This training will also help you to work more smoothly and efficiently in your daily work schedule, workflow, decision making, and what-if scenarios.

This program is built to create budget reports, schedule of work, tasks and resources management, meetings, and projects. The reports will help you to keep track of costs and also to manage your work load without wasting any time.

This program will help in both your personal and organisational growth. With the ever challenging and changing business scenarios, managing projects is both an art and science. The evolving user, project requirements and volatile team dynamics have made our lives a balancing act, where we have to shuffle between our resources, budget, time constraints and project closure. We also need to constantly deal with demanding customers and accountants.


  • Identify the basic features and components of the Microsoft Project environment.
  • Create a new project plan file and enter project information.
  • Manage tasks by organizing tasks and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources for a project.
  • Finalize a project plan.
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications.
  • Update a project plan.
  • Manage project costs.
  • Report project data visually.

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For more information, please contact the following Program Consultant:

Mr. Azrul / email: / Tel: +6088731410

Ms. Tracy / email: / Tel: +6088731570

Ms. Emily / email: / Tel: +6088731412

Ms. Joan / email: / Tel: +6088731575


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