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GST Post Implementation Compliance has resulted in changes to business systems and internal processes, and an increase in workload. In addition, Royal Malaysian Customs Department is conducting GST audits to educate GST registrants on complying with GST legislations, and is still addressing contentious post-implementation issues through updates and revised GST Guides.

In view of the complexities of GST and the high volume of day-to-day transactions, it is critical to adopt appropriate assessment and control framework to avoid risk of audit and penalties, as part of good corporate governance. This is to avoid common mistakes and mitigate the risks of non compliance.

This two days course is intended to provide ideas and guidance to improve GST compliance, mitigate risks, to avoid penalties and to set up a robust GST Control Framework on a sustainable, long term basis.


Interactive workshop with Power Point presentation with practical examples and illustrations applicable to the Malaysia GST model.

For more information about this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email at

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