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Online Live Training

Remote Online Learning: Effective Purchasing & Negotiation Skills, 24-25 May 2021 via Zoom

Introduction to purchasing, current trends, options, and tools currently available in the marketplace, and will explore technology resources and methods of selection of technology suppliers and vendors. A step-by-step process for sourcing and negotiation and a discussion on the use of third-party facilitators and enablers will also be included. Supply Chain Management relationship focus on the supply market intelligence, relationship assessment and management, negotiation, contracting, and managing conflict in business relationships in a globally integrated supply chain. Negotiation skill required in every situation within the organizational environment.

Online Live Training

Remote Online Learning: Understanding Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) & The Implication of EU’s General Data Protection (GDPR), 4-5 May 2021 via Zoom

Course Overview:
Is your organization fully in compliance with PDPA? Do you know in early May 2017, a company in the educational industry was charged under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) for processing the personal data of former employees without a certificate of registration. If convicted, the maximum penalty is a fine of RM500,000 or up to three years in jail or both.

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