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[Remote Online Learning] Microsoft Office Essentials For Secretaries, Admin Assistants And PAs, 17-18 February 2021

This is a hands-on training whereby you will learn many unknown and yet powerful techniques, tips and tricks on how to work with various Microsoft applications effectively. Focusing on support roles, you’ll gain a sound understanding of spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and business document layouts. Most importantly, this course is to be delivered by a Microsoft Office trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Executive Development

Public Training: Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel, 25th – 26th November 2020 (Sarawak) / 30th November – 1st December 2020 (Selangor)

MS Excel is an important tool for data analysis. Many users had the impression that without using the Virtual Basic for Applicants (VBA), the data analysis cannot be worked. The statement above shall be proven inaccurate, as the data analysis job could still be done effectively and efficiently. It is important to possess the best skills in data collection before commencing data analysis jobs.

Executive Development

MICROSOFT OFFICE PRACTITIONER For Personal Assistants & Administrative Personnel | NOVEMBER | KK & Kuching (Hands-on Training)

Personal assistants and other administrative personnel will need certain basic office skills in order to maintain a successful career. Today, employers across many industries and fields expect candidates to have Microsoft Office skills, as it is the most universally utilized software in business. Having these skills, even at a basic level, will help with your job prospects and increase your chances to be considered for most roles.

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