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MICROSOFT OFFICE PRACTITIONER For Personal Assistants & Administrative Personnel | NOVEMBER | KK & Kuching (Hands-on Training)

TITLE: MICROSOFT OFFICE PRACTITIONER For Personal Assistants & Administrative Personnel

KOTA KINABALU: 12th-13th November 2019, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

KUCHING: 14th-15th November 2019, The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching

Personal assistants and other administrative personnel will need certain basic office skills in order to maintain a successful career. Today, employers across many industries and fields expect candidates to have Microsoft Office skills, as it is the most universally utilized software in business. Having these skills, even at a basic level, will help with your job prospects and increase your chances to be considered for most roles.

This program will cover lessons such as skills in document creation via Microsoft Word, spreadsheet creation and maintenance via Microsoft Excel, and instruction on how to put together basic presentations with Power Point.

Assess your current level of Microsoft Office Skills (Excel, PPT and Word). Identify your progress and know what supplementary resources you need to go further.

For further details about this course you may contact:

KOTA KINABALU: Tracy: 088-731576 or email at

KUCHING: Joan: 088-731575 or email at


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