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TITLE: Secure Coding Best Practices: Preventing & Handling Security Threats In Software Development

DATE: 27th-28th February 2018

VENUE: The Waterfront Hotel, Kuching


Insecure programming practices is one of the most common cause of vulnerabilities in software that resulted in various security breaches according to a 2016 Vulnerability Statistics Report by  EdgeScan.

“A survey of almost 600 custom-built Web applications revealed developers are still failing to eliminate the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities from their code, allowing attacks to occur according to Context Information Security, UK.

Secure Coding Practices is crucial for software programmers to ensure that the room for security breaches in their application is reduced. In the current information based world, security threats are constantly evolving and the only way to keep ahead with it is to constantly incorporate security best practices in all aspects and phases of software development.

This course presents an approach for dealing with security and privacy throughout the entire software development lifecycle. You   will   learn about   vulnerabilities that undermine security, and how to identify and remediate them in your own projects. You will learn general strategies for dealing with security defects and misconfiguration, how to design software to deal with the human element in security, and how to incorporate security into all phases of development.


  • Prevent Vulnerabilities in Software Development
  • Understand How Vulnerabilities and Exploit Happen During Development
  • Handle Vulnerabilities Effectively
  • Apply Secure Design Best Practices
  • Use Highly Secure Coding To Eliminate Security Threats


Software Developers, Web Application Developers, Webmaster, IS Officers, IT Executives

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