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Managing Misconduct and Sexual Harassment at Workplace


Sexual harassment is a serious workplace issue, and Malaysia has incorporated it into employment law to ensure that all employees under employment contracts are protected. This legal recognition underscores the significance of addressing this problem in the workplace.

Specialized training programs, particularly popular among HR Managers, Line Managers, Executives, and Supervisors, have been established to address sexual harassment. These programs provide a deep understanding of the legal provisions concerning harassment and offer practical examples for effectively managing and preventing such incidents in the workplace.

One prominent training course for HR personnel places a strong emphasis on preventive strategies and good HR practices. It equips participants with the knowledge and tools to proactively identify, prevent, and handle sexual harassment, fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes respect and inclusivity. By taking a proactive approach, organizations reinforce their commitment to creating a safe and respectful work environment, where all employees can work free from fear and intimidation, promoting dignity and equality.

This Course Include



At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the types of misconduct and sexual harassment at workplace.
  • Understand the obligations of the employer outlined in the employment law; know how to manage receiving and dealing with the sexual harassment complaints and the steps to managing disciplinary action against the accused
  • Apply the principles of natural justice in dealing with workplace misconduct, and sexual harassment and
  • Design appropriate procedures and policies to prevent and eradicate workplace misconduct and sexual harassment.
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