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The Advance Procurement Management & Best Practices intensive course is aimed at improving the skills of the Procurement Professional in the organizations.  The course examines the strategic importance of procurement within departments by using concepts and ideas in order to maximize the procurement department’s effectiveness and thereby reducing costs throughout the supply chain. It is therefore imperative for Procurement to constantly deliver value to the organisation by delivering products and services that contributes to the well-being of the organisation. This is an important course for purchasing professionals who will return to their organisation with actual realistic plans on how to make considerable cost savings.

This 2-day program will equip participants with the skills and knowledge on how EQ is applied at work contributing to the successful relationship within the workplace.


  • Develop critical supply strategies
  • Apply the concepts of activity-based costing
  • Develop skills required for effective supplier relationships
  • Learn how to create rapport, build trust and establish credibility in a work group
  • Practise successful negotiation


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