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The world is packed with information and most organizations struggle to recognize what information they have, why they need it, how long they need it for, and if it has any value.  Furthermore, there are often call for tighter controls on contract documentation, and lead to a need for enhanced management record management. In addition, electronic information is under threat from cyber-attack and personal information is at risk of exposure.

As such, the development and implementation of a records management program that includes effective filing and document control methods to identify, secure and protect critical information, is necessary for every organization.

This course conveys practical methods for identifying and developing the systems of records management and document control that an organization needs.

By the end, each participant will have a plan of action as well as the necessary skills to assist with the development and implementation of an appropriate program for managing their organization’s documents, records and information. 

This Course Include



  • Develop a records management program to enhance the value of the organization’s information and reduce risk and cost.
  • Develop document control methods to identify, secure, protect and retain critical information
  • Develop methodology of effective filing systems.
  • Identify risks associated with poor management of information to reduce penalties and cost.
  • Develop an information asset register to identify critical information within their organization.