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Customer Service Excellence, Handling Difficult Customers


Customer care is at the HEART of all successful companies. It is essential for organizations to place emphasis in providing excellent customer service as evidently it helps develop loyal customer base and improve relationships with customers. In the current competitive era, it helps to boost revenue and profitability in the business.

There is an immense need to focus on customer retention and build customer loyalty. Loyal customers come back time and again; they will also promote your business through word-of-mouth recommendation. By building a long-term customer base, you can reduce the costs of looking for new customers and improve your bottom line.

This revelatory training stint entitled MANAGING DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMERS seeks to galvanize participants to gain new confidence in Customer Service Communication and be effective in influencing through persuasive argument and skilful negotiation to affect a positive outcome. At the end of this programme, participants would have acquired specific skills, concepts and experiences that can propel their team and company toward greater professionalism.

This transformative programme inculcates into each participant through interactive learning activities, experiential management games, practical examples, real-life testimonies, role-playing, viewing of relevant videos and real-time coaching in a fun yet focused environment. This programme is specifically designed to engage, equip and inspire personnel to take their delivery service to the next escalatory level. It also covers the effects of power posturing in verbal communication and the inner qualities for interpersonal interaction based on the principles of personal and professional integrity.

This Course Include



  • To understand the fundamentals of Service Excellence and what must be done to live it 
  • To identify qualities of Excellent Customer Service which leads to Perfect Customer Experience 
  • To realize the Quality of Service is the key for Repeat Customers 
  • To understand that every staff member is important, and everyone makes a difference 
  • To enhance Service Communication Skills 
  • To achieve Customer Satisfaction that surpasses Customers’ Expectations 
  • To receive praiseworthy feedback on BRAND and Service Excellence 
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