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Building A Customer-Centric Service Culture


A customer-centric culture makes customers more real to the people who work at their organization. Customer-centric companies are as eager to understand their customers and to cater to their needs. This holistic understanding tends to make everyone’s jobs easier.

Satisfying our customers is essential, whether they are internal or external customers. To do this we must focus all our activities on delighting our customers; that is becoming Customer-Centric. Organizations understand the value of becoming customer-centric, but the transformation is challenging. The change must start internally, how we work with other employees.

This highly engaging two days training course demonstrates how to measure the current level of customer centricity by better understanding your customer experiences and requirements; and reinventing your brand and culture to deliver the perfect customer service experience. This will both challenge and excite delegates, inspiring them into action having experienced the power of customer-centric thinking. The workshop will also disclose how delegates can strengthen their own customer culture and influence that of other functions. Superb service is delivered by people to people, even in this age of high technology. All delegates will leave the course with a challenging but realistic personal plan to drive a customer centric service culture across their area of responsibility 

This Course Include



  • Measure the level of customer centricity
  • What the perfect customer service experience looks like for your customers
  • Improve the customer experience within their organisation
  • How to utilise Customer Journey Mapping
  • Help develop a customer-centric service culture
  • Challenge how customer centricity is delivered by existing strategy and how it drives superior performance
  • Develop a customer-focused mindset for continuous improvement
  • Empowering with Color Psychology
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