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Assets are the foundation for any organisation delivering what it aims to do. Whether assets are physical, financial, digital or ‘intangible’, it is good asset management that maximises value-for-money for both public & private sectors. Asset management involves coordinated and optimized planning, asset selection, acquisition/ development, utilization, care (maintenance) and ultimate disposal or renewal of the appropriate assets and asset systems.

The effective management of assets is becoming increasingly important to organizations and their interested parties. Asset management is vitally important for all capital-intensive industries which rely on cost effective and trouble-free operation of their plant and equipment.

This comprehensive two-day course will feature how the international standard on Asset Management ISO55000, can be used to implement the best and latest practices.


This Course Include



  • Organize, consult and operate your asset management more efficiently
  • Developing an appropriate balance between the costs, the risks and the required performance of the physical assets.
  • Provides an integrated approach to asset management development through education & training; requirement gap analysis, mentoring, experience and real knowledge transfer

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to;

  • Understand the process of ASSET MANAGEMENT ISO 55000
  • Understand the practical approach of ASSET MANAGEMENT ISO 55000