Today’s tough business environment has made companies more focused on efficient warehouse operations and inventory reduction as a source of competitive advantage. The traditional way of operating your warehouse is no longer enough. If a company can maintain a very lean and efficient warehouse system, it is already many steps ahead of its competitors. A well-managed warehouse is now recognised as a potential major source of competitive advantage as opposed to just another source of cost before product reaches the customer. To achieve this competitive advantage, it is important to choose the right type of operation, processes and equipment and then understand and continuously improve performance through appropriate measures and controls.


  • Effectually manage the operations and functions of warehousing
  • Classify distinctions between warehouse processes
  • Identify the importance of and functions related to warehouse management in controlling the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and in processing the associated transactions
  • Optimize warehouse operations and warehouse space availability as impacted by equipment layout and product flow
  • Consider and analyse many parameters to optimize warehouse location or placement as both strategic and operational decision that directly influence customer serving aspects, cost, and price factors

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