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UNDERSTANDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS UNDER THE SABAH LABOUR ORDINANCES: SOCSO Act 1969 & 2016 & Employee Insurance Scheme Act 2017, 25th-26th February 2019, Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

TITLE: UNDERSTANDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS UNDER THE SABAH LABOUR ORDINANCES:                                                SOCSO Act 1969 & 2016 & Employee Insurance Scheme Act 2017

DATE: 25th-26th February 2019




The Sabah Labour Ordinances forms the basis of employment contracts between employer and certain categories of mostly non-management employees in East Malaysia. It also serves as a guideline for employees who are not protected under the SSLOs.

The EPF Act is retirement scheme  while the SOCSO Act 1969 is an insurance scheme for Malaysian employees for employment injury or invadility. Both employer and employee are required by law to contribute to EPF and SOCSO.

The programme covers all the relevant aspects of the EPF and SOCSO Acts, and employee Insurance Scheme is duties and liabilities of employers, the benefits and conditions for benefits and procedures for making claims.



  • Identifying employees who are covered under the Sabah Labour Ordinances; EPF Act 1991 & SOCSO Act 1961
  • Register employees with EPF and SOCSO
  • Know the rates of deduction & contribution for different categories of employees for EPF and SOCSO
  • Identify the benefits to employee under the provisions of EPF & SOCSO
  • Make claims or assist in making claims for SOCSO employment injury and invadility schemes
  • Assist employees to make withdrawals from EPF
  • Explain the benefits of EPF and SOCSO to employees
  • Explain the Employee Insurance Scheme to employees

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