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Executive Development

Project Financial Management For Non-Finance Personnel, 18-19 December 2023 @ Radisson Hotel, Brunei Darussalam

In today’s diverse and ever-changing business environment, it is crucial for all non-finance managers and executives to develop and sharpen their financial skills. These skills will enable them to understand and analyse financial statements, contribute effectively in pricing, planning and control decisions and make positive contributions towards effective project selection.  Acquisition of these skills would also enable these personnel to appreciate how their function fits into the overall objectives of the organisation, thus enabling them to better contribute to the organisation’s goal.

Executive Development


Do you know that Microsoft Excel can help you increase productivity by 50% through its functions & formulas?

There are over 300 functions in Excel and over 400 formulas available in Microsoft Excel.
According to a Certified Excel Trainer, “Average Users only know 20% of the total functions and 3% of the total formulas.”
Imagine knowing how to use most of them and the impact it can make to your report, datasheets and not to mention increase of speed and productivity.
In just 2 days, this can happen if you sign up with our course and learn from our Excel Expert Mr Kelvin Ng. This course is tailored for those who have intermediate knowledge of Excel.

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