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In today’s highly competitive and cost-conscious environment, understanding commercial contracts including Business, Supply and Sales Contracts is an important part of business activity. Over 85% of business transactions are governed by contracts and hence it is necessary that contracts be aligned with business expectations. It requires legal and Non-professionals to be well versed with the contents of commercial contracts and expertise to foresee the risk and have futuristic thinking to handle contracts in the best interest of their organization.

This seminar is for any professional who wants to learn and understand the workings of these types of commercial contracts. This would include individuals who have no experience, but want to learn the fundamentals, as well as those who have or will have a job that directly involves dealing with commercial contracts.

Course Objectives

  • Get-to-grips on understanding contractual terms and their impact of businesses
  • Expand your knowledge of the risk in liability clauses
  • Master practical knowledge of contents of agreements
  • Examine specific clauses and their use
  • Learn how to interpret variations and time of essence clauses
  • Clarify essential terminology in commercial contracts
  • Get up-to-date with the use contractual liability clauses and indemnities
  • Understand the effect of exclusion and limitation clauses and how they can be used to manage your exposure
  • Understand how the limits on liabilities
  • Understand how Boiler Plates work

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