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(Remote Online Training) Recruitment and Interviewing Strategies 2022, 24-25 March 2022 Via Zoom


According to a report by Randstad Malaysia, the country will continue to face talent shortage in 2022. As Malaysia is entering the road to economic recovery  acquiring and retaining high potential talent will be crucial for organisation future growth. According to a survey by Michael Page , 33% employers are looking to increase their headcounts while 66%     of those employed anticipate looking for new job opportunities, while another 28% are passively open to new roles.

For HR Professionals, it is a crucial time to relook at the recruitment and hiring process to ensure that their organisation will continue to attract and retain the right talent. This practical 2-day workshop gives you all the skills and techniques you need to first prepare yourself as a competent interviewer. It then walks you through the whole interviewing process by first determining the skills you require in your new hire, to how to conduct the interview itself using various techniques to ensure that you are able to assess each candidate holistically and confidently. This workshop also concentrates on the pre-interview preparation; developing questions and their value; the interview techniques that get specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance; and the strategies that follow through on this process. This workshop takes the interview even further with a discussion of communication techniques and the use of other types of interview questions.

10 Main Benefits of Attending this Course:

  • Conduct online and face to face interview successfully
  • Learn to read body language when conducting online interview
  • Use 5 tested and proven interview techniques
  • Prepare a fool-proof interview guide
  • Learn how to use a smart rating or scoring system
  • Prepare job advertisements accurately based on various market
  • Communicate like a skilled-recruiter
  • Learn how to handle difficult applicants
  • Develop a fair and consistent interviewing process for selecting employees
  • Develop a Job Analysis and Position Profile (JD)

100% HRD Corp Claimable Course: Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas

For more information, please contact the following Program Consultant:

Mr. Azrul / email: / Tel: +6088731410

Ms. Tracy / email: / Tel: +6088731570

Ms. Emily / email: / Tel: +6088731412

Ms. Joan / email: / Tel: +6088731575


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