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In today competitive marketplace, there is less tolerance for unplanned downtime. Industry is experiencing the pressure of rising costs, foreign competition, and the need to improve work force productivity. Statistics have shown that Preventive Maintenance when properly implemented can minimize equipment and system breakdowns, resulting in a major reduction in total maintenance and operating costs.

As the value of maintenance is becoming clearer to management, the priority of maintenance is increasing. Companies are turning to computers to enhance their maintenance system. This is a review of the “cutting edge” in today maintenance management – Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Computerized maintenance management system is among the most significant and far-reaching development affecting plant services today. It optimises the productivity and efficiency of plant services department. The CMMS provides for the storage, maintenance, and retrieval of many types of documentation, including standard operating procedures, standard maintenance procedures, material safety data sheets, and drawings.

Learning Outcome and Goals

  • Learn how to effectively Plan and Schedule maintenance
  • Have a clear understanding of the basic requirements for the successful implementation of CMMS in an organization.
  • Know how to select and justify a computerized maintenance system for an organization.
  • Know how to maximize the function of a CMMS

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