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(Remote Online Training) EFFECTIVE COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT, 9-10 November 2022


Not everything runs smoothly all the time, even in the best companies. Ultimately, it is very difficult to anticipate the wishes and needs of every single customer. It could be that the great majority of the target group is in fact satisfied with your offering, yet some of them nonetheless have problems with your product or service. There are also times when something simply goes wrong during manufacturing, provisioning, or delivery. The product that the customer receives isn’t quite like it’s advertised, or the service isn’t provided as you had planned. Mistakes can happen – yet the fact that paying customers are not happy with it is something that probably every business professional can understand.

Therefore, it is so important to establish a functioning complaint management process. One that ensures a good rapport with the client even after a mistake has been made and that keeps them from turning away from your company in anger. Furthermore, a well-organized complaint management process reduces the risk of delivery or manufacturing errors. This is because customer feedback only must reach the right department for the product and services to be made even better in the future.

Complaint management is all about methodically handling customer criticism. Strategies must be developed, and it must be determined where complaints should be received, how one should react to feedback and which departments or individuals the criticism should be forwarded to. The allocation of responsibilities also falls under complaint management. Only once it’s clear who needs to react in each instance can an actual negative criticism be transformed into something positive.


  • Build skills in building rapport and understand the customer requirements
  • Empathize with the customer while understanding his requirements
  • Learn to be a proactive listener and gauge the understanding by using listening skills
  • Work on their body language and gestures in order to showcase a professional approach
  • Understand the customer expectations and work towards exceeding them
  • Defuse the emotional reactions by difficult customers
  • Interact with the customer using effective communication skills
  • Identify their approach towards customers complaints

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