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[Remote Online Learning] Employment Law For Managers (with Recent Amendments to Industrial Relations Act 1967 (Act 177), 1-2 March 2021

There have been loud demands from the public to make changes to the current Employment Act 1955 (“Act”) due to concerns that the current law is not comprehensive to provide sufficient protection to employees. This is part of the Human Resource ministry effort to increase the standard of labour practices in Malaysia. More importantly, is that once the amendments passed; it will have a significant bearing on employers. Employers would have to review the current employment contract to ensure that it is updated and not breaching the updated law and among other things, there could be a significant impact on the overall operational cost of business due to additional benefits.

The amendments to the Industrial Relations Act 1967 (Act 177) were passed by Parliament in 2020 but has just come into force on 1st January 2021, save for a few provisions. With the recent amendments, the Malaysian Government pushes ahead with creating a more robust industrial relations system, process and landscape in Malaysia.

This workshop to enable delegates to have a holistic understanding of current employment laws, from drafting employment contracts to the proper method of terminating an employee whilst mitigating being taken to the Industrial Courts. The workshop will cover an in-depth overview of all current issues commonly faced by employers covering topics such as drafting of a fool-proof employment contract, handbooks, how to deal with misconduct and poor performance, sexual harassment, misconduct, domestic inquiries, transfer of employees and even separation schemes, redundancy and retrenchment.


  • Examine the complexities in employment contracts
  • Deal with poor performance, misconduct and other disciplinary issues
  • Understand how the amended employment law will impact the current employment contract
  • Review the employment right on the transfer of undertaking


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