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[Remote Online Learning] Effective Coaching And Counselling Methods For Mental Health, 15-16 March 2021

The aim of this course is to deepen your knowledge and to provide you with the skills related to coaching. Covid-19 and current lockdown has caused high impact on employees’ mental health. Therefore, coaching and counselling must be embedded in every aspect in running an operation whereby all executives must be trained how to handle workers who show signs of anxiety, depressions, anger or fear. This is achieved through providing information and training in essential coaching skills. Case studies, practical activities and role plays are included as key teaching tools.

This is a highly interactive course via Zoom platform comprised of presentations, case studies, multidirectional discussions and comprehensive exercises. Most importantly it will offer participants an opportunity to plan such work within small working groups, providing practice in the application of the techniques and tools generating active participation.

Training Solutions:
• Improve employee performance and results through a more effective coaching and leadership training.
• Enhance feedback and criticism skills that result in changed performance.
• Boost the productivity and quality of individuals and teams
• Improve the motivation and morale of employees.
• Make your feedback more effective in changing behavior and performance.
• Document employee performance, behavior and attitude safely and consistently.
• Establish and enforce consistent progressive coaching practices.
• Choose the right words to improve understanding and reduce defensiveness in coaching or counselling.
• Develop more powerful and effective communication skills.
• Defuse angry and emotional employees more successfully.
• Handle difficult and sensitive issues more confidently.
• Maximize the results of effective criticism.
• Support supervisors and managers with effective leadership training.


For more information, please contact the following Program Consultant:

Ms.Emily / email: / Tel: +6088731412

Mr.Azrul / email: / Tel: +6088731410

Ms.Joan / email: / Tel: +6088731575

Ms.Tracy / email: / Tel: +6088731570


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