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Public Training: Credit Management & Debt Collection Strategies, 21-22 September 2020 (Kota Kinabalu) & 28-29 September 2020 (Johor Bahru)

Course Date Available:

For Kota Kinabalu: 21st – 22nd September 2020 @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

For Johor Bahru: 28th – 29th September 2020 @ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


Bad debt, the opposite of profit, unfortunately, is a part of doing business, but not something that cannot be managed and control to a minimum thus ensure the company stays on the right track of profitability. A better understanding of the credit assessment policy and its control mechanism, which covers credit evaluation and credit limit review, would lay down a strong foundation to manage your company’s risks to minimize bad debts.

Collecting book debts appears to be ‘so difficult’ to many people and deem uninteresting. However, with the understanding of the credit recovery policy plus acquiring of the appropriate tools, strategies and techniques through training, collecting a debt can be professionally challenging and exciting career.

In this workshop, the facilitator hopes to share the 2 important components that would outline how to carry out the roles, functions and responsibilities appropriately to cope with the pressures, within or outside your organization, in handling professionally issues related to debt collection and ensures the company stays on course to achieving its goals. This training program addresses issues related to operational financial aspects and capital budgeting.

What to expect?

  • Understand the meaning and reasons for Credit Management
  • Appreciate the important of credit policy in defining the objectives, function and responsibilities of credit department to achieve maximum profitability from trading.
  • Realize the need of credit assessment due to selective risk-taking in the interests of increasing overall profitability.
  • Establish a Collection Policy that not only ensure recovery of debts, but also provide follow up procedures in monitoring and collection of debts
  • Highlight Debt Collection Agencies and legal action process in debt collection

This course is 100% HRDF SBL Claimable. For more information please contact the following:

For Kota Kinabalu: Ms.Tracy – email: / Mr.Azrul – / Tel: (+6)088731575

For Johor Bahru: Ms.Joan / / Tel:(+6)088731412


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