Remote Online Learning: Mental Health at Workplace: Overcoming Stress & Anxiety, 26-27 January 2021




Mental health experts in Malaysia are concern that the 266 people reported to have committed suicide from March 18 to Oct 30 could be just an indication of a far larger issues concerning mental health. This number translates to one suicide per day since the MCO was imposed on 18 March 2020. On top of that, there were 500 cases of suicide attempts reported in Malaysia in 2020. It has also been suggested that the number is far higher since there are cases that are unreported as requested by family members of the victim, likely to due to the archaic law in Malaysia that criminalize suicide attempts.

In Malaysia, mental illnesses are often overlooked, unlike any other illnesses or disease. Asian culture tends to stigmatise mental illness and let alone speaking up about one’s personal struggle with it. Exacerbated by the current pandemic, as a result, many individuals suffer in silence until it is often too late.

This comprehensive 2-day course is aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and techniques on how to enhance mental health at the workplace by increasing engagement and at the same time reduce stress. Participants will be equipped with the fundamentals of mental health and how to nurture it with their circle. Ultimately, participants would be able to implement programs and frameworks to ensure mental health is well-addressed at their respective workplaces or homes.


  • Understand and Apply the 5 Elements of Emotional Intelligence for Wellness
  • Applying Strategies for Mental Wellness based on Personality Types
  • Stress Management Strategies for Individuals and Teams
  • Personalised Action Plan for Wellness
  • Developing Habits for Flow, States of Excellence and Productivity


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