Remote Online Learning: Misconduct & Domestic Inquiry, 14-15 December 2020




This program will provide the necessary tools for managers to handle and manage misconduct and domestic inquiry procedures at their respective organization.  Misconduct is a disciplinary issue when an employee commits an act which is not consistent with his terms and conditions of employment.  Misconduct may lead to termination. However, many employers seem to be totally unaware that they do not have the absolute right to terminate the services of an employee even though the employee might have been caught red-handed committing an act of misconduct.

The industrial relation statistics over the preceding five years indicates that majority of cases of dismissals due to misconduct that had been referred to Industrial Court were unjustified or unfair terminations. The mistakes and errors not only cost the organizations money, but also embarrassment. A careful analysis of these cases reveals that the employers have failed to adhere to the proper procedures in dismissals especially the process of domestic inquires and the violation of the rules of natural justice in the conduct of domestic inquires.

Program Objectives

This program is designed to help the participants achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn how misconduct should be handled in organization in an efficient and effective way
  • Understand the concept of misconduct from the legal and practical perspective.
  • Understand the legal principles in relations to misconduct and domestic inquiry.
  • Acquire practical knowledge and skills of conducting domestic inquiry
  • Able to know the consequences of poor management of misconduct in employment
  • Understand the remedies available for employees in Malaysian industrial law


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