Remote Online Learning: Strategies for Writing Commercial Contracts | 17-18 August 2020 | All




In today’s highly competitive and cost-conscious environment, knowing how to write commercial contracts including Business, Supply and Sales Contracts is an important part of business activity. It is vital that contracts be aligned with business expectations as if it is not written as needed, the contract will fail to perform. It is important to translate the business deal into contract concepts using proper contract writing techniques and rules.

It requires legal and Non-professionals to be well versed with the writing techniques of commercial contracts to foresee the risk and balance the risk allocation and have analytical thinking to handle contracts in the best interest of their organization.

This seminar empowers the attendees to understand the universal strength of writing rules of contracts and move through the Transactional documents. The attendees will also get Macro-Organisational Tips on writing and organising the contracts. The attendees will be able to write the context of the contract in an efficient legal framework.

This seminar is for any professional who wants to learn and understand the writing of these types of commercial contracts.


  • Better discuss the contract negotiating and understand Pre-Contractual documents
  • Identify the boundaries between the degree of binding and Non-Binding commitment in Pre Contractual documents
  • Use Contract Writing Techniques to write Pre Contractual wording
  • Understand how Non-Disclosure Agreements work and “must-have” clauses
  • Set up the Agreement as a whole showing the movements in the different segments of the contract collectively and individually
  • Write into contracts the  different types of conditional clauses and exceptions, Crave-outs and Triggering Events to prevent the obligation from breach of non-performance
  • Identify the unfair conditions of contracts and how to write it better using contract writing rules
  • Safeguard the contract from being nullified by using the right type of recitals and attendees will learn how to write out the contents, presentation and observe the rules relating to the proper recital
  • Improve accuracy; reduce ambiguity and vagueness


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