Public Training: Maintenance during Reduced Operations or Shutdown, 12-13 October | Kota Kinabalu





Uncertainty and complexity abound when a plant is down. Extra work can appear when equipment is opened and inspected. Integrating project work increases the challenge. Experienced instructors show you how to control scope uncertainty, tackle the complexity of integrating project work, and get the facility restarted.

Planning and Managing Reduced Operations or shutdowns in the plant environment is a complex and demanding function. If they are not properly planned, managed and controlled, factories run the risks of serious budget overruns, costly schedule delays and negative impacts on customers.


  • Deploy the Triple constraints methods (Schedule Cost and Scope)
  • Manage engineering, maintenance, operations, and project interfaces, a clearer understanding of each team member’s role in ensuring successful Shutdowns and Reduced Operations.
  • Ensure a team approach in the planning, scheduling, and execution of plant Shutdowns and Reduced Operations.
  • Understanding of planning methods and an integrated organizational approach in the execution of successful plant Shutdowns and Reduced Operation.
  • Develop an action plan to improve their own shutdown management techniques.



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