Public Training: Leadership & High Performing Team, 25-26 August 2020 | KK





Effective leaders can influence individual and team performance and eventually affect the workplace culture. This course will help current and future leaders on how to develop optimum workplace efficiency and high-performance work culture. Participants will be exposed to techniques using the Directive Communication method which is a foundational science for influencing personal & team dynamics which cultivates & augments optimum workplace efficiency and high- performance cooperative organization cultures.

During this training participants will be using CBCI™ is a psychometric profiling tool that identifies the fundamental patterns in the way our brain genetically processes information and the environment around us. Once this pattern is identified it would enable us to align our thought processes, actions, and reactions towards harnessing our strengths and emotional drive towards optimization of workplace efficiency & high-performance work culture.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • To create a working environment that is built on trust, cooperation, understanding & respect?
  • To develop employees and leaders who will involve and participate more actively & positively in the organization’s corporate mission & vision.
  • To identify factors, barriers, blockages, problems & challenges that effects the realization of optimum workplace efficiency & high-performance work culture.
  • To improve the working environment which is focused driven & oriented on achieving optimum workplace efficiency & high-performance work culture.
  • To cultivate high caliber employees & leaders who will be able to utilize strategic and effective communicative psychology to promote superior teamwork and positive group dynamics.



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