This 2-day PDPA training course enable delegates to understand the legal requirements of compliance that apply to key areas of their daily working lives. We have tailored this course specifically to address the challenges you may face in handling personal data in your organisation, ensuring you have the practical knowledge and tools necessary to implement a compliance framework for PDPA within your organisation. We will provide you with concrete and practical examples that will enable you to answer the day-to-day questions that arise in your workplace with ease.

As a responsible officer or personnel handling personal data, it is your duty to ensure your organisation has a robust compliance framework, adequate training, and PDPA policies in place. Failing to comply with PDPA law can result in stiff penalties, ranging from RM100,000 to RM500,000 per offense, plus a jail term. However, with our comprehensive training, you can rest assured that you and your organisation will be fully equipped to meet these legal requirements and avoid costly consequences. This course will also cover the latest update in PDPA that took effect in December 2022, including new legal requirements under the General Code of Practice of Personal Data Protection. Our expert trainer, who has extensive experience in implementing PDPA compliance in the workplace, will share her knowledge, insights and practical tip

By attending this training course, you will become a PDPA compliance expert and gain a competitive edge in your career. You will also gain the confidence and assurance to handle personal data with ease, knowing that you are fully equipped to meet the legal requirements of PDPA law.


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and its related offences, empowering you to ensure compliance and avoid costly penalties.
  • Learn best practices from PDPA Expert and exchange notes with other industry players in implementing PDPA
  • Increase data integrity, ensuring business continuity without contamination or infringement, providing peace of mind for you and your organisation.
  • Develop principles and mechanisms to detect and prevent unauthorized management and dissemination of personal data, minimizing the risk of data breaches and protecting your organisation’s reputation.
  • Learn how to develop and execute a Risk-Based Compliance Inspection Plan to protect personal data, ensuring your organisation is in compliance with PDPA.

100% HRD Corp Claimable Course: Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas

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