How to Make Payment?

  1. Go to our eShop (

2. After choosing the program you’re interested in, confirm your number of participants and click ‘Add to Basket’.

3. Double check your order and click ‘View Basket’ to enter your details.

4. You may fill in your details here.

5. For ‘Offline Payment’, you may proceed to ‘Place Order’. An acknowledgment email will be send to you. Verification will be made before we can confirm your order.

Skip to next post if you opt for ‘Online Payment’.

6. For ‘Online Payment’, choose M1Pay Gateway to pay via online banking or card payment.

7. Choose any of the following payment channel and it will redirect you to the specific page (refer to next post).

8. If you click on ‘Card Payment’ it will redirect you to this page where you shall enter your card details.

9. If you click on ‘FPX Online Banking’, it will redirect you to this page where you select your preferred online banking.

10. You’re done! If you need more guides, you can send us an email at!

Thank you for your order and we look for forward to see you, virtually.

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