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MEDIA RELATION AND CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS, 21-22 APRIL 2020 @ Sarawak / 9-10 JUNE 2020 @ Brunei Darussalam

The spokesperson gives the human form to the company. One area of control that must be exerted by the organization’s corporate communications head to insist that its spokespersons be trained because we know that few think they are born. No one should represent the entire organization unless he or she has invested time and energy in developing the skills of an effective spokesperson. It is not about the colour of a tie or scarf one wears on television, but the ability to effectively connect with the audience, either through the media or in person.

HODs must know principles of crisis and emergency risk communication. They should play a role in developing messages/writing press releases so they can “own” them and deliver them well for more trust, credibility and long-term leadership.


  • To enable the participant to handle the media with ease and confidence while facing the media in a CRISIS press conference.
  • To counter bad publicity and seize the opportunity to get good publicity.
  • To train the participant how to use the media by intelligently answering media queries.
  • The course will familiarize the participant on angling (spinning) the story to be in sync with their company’s mission and vision.


  • Apply strategies to positively engage the stakeholders and media
  • Know how to focus on the message and steer the communication delivery towards messages that they can “own” and deliver them well
  • How to communicate, engage and connect with the stakeholders and the public for a variety of reasons such as build trust and credibility for the organisation
  • Be able to utilize positive body language and vocal quality to persuade powerful stakeholder interaction

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