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Managing Work Performance with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


Managing work performance effectively towards the attainment of organizational objectives is a responsibility of all managers and staffs particularly in this 21st century which is faced with an ever dynamic and turbulent business environment. It is not sufficient for managers to think of management in some operational or functional context, simply to know their piece of the jigsaw well and trust that others know theirs equally well. The very least that managers require is to understand how their piece of the jigsaw fits into the rest starting from the Organization’s Objectives, the Organization Structure & Chart, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of respective Departments with KPIs and right up to Individual KPIs.

The essence is how all of these are properly synchronized without any gaps and preempting anyone or units to work in silo. If they do not understand nor appreciate how important this is for the success of a business, the final results would be very damaging and organizational resources can be severely impaired.

This Course Include



At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • To understand and appreciate organizational purpose & goals
  • Recognize importance of Organization Structure and Work Breakdown Structure in attaining organizational objectives
  • Appreciate relevance of Performance
  • Management & KPI
  • Understand how Performance Management & KPI is interlinked with Organization Structure and WBS.
  • Recognize importance of synchronizing Strategic and Operational Plans with KPIs to attain organizational objectives
  • Understand what your organization’s Strategic Outputs & Operational Outputs are
  • Learn how to develop KPI and establish key objectives as well as to measure them.
  • Understand how to manage work competencies effectively
  • Appreciate importance of leadership in managing work performance with WBS & KPI
  • Recognize vitality of team building, motivation and communication to bridge the gaps in conflicts, misunderstandings and different priorities
  • Appreciate the importance of Building a resilient work performance culture on Win-Win Situation.
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