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All the machines are made up of elements or units. Each element is a separate part of the machine and it may have to be designed separately and in assembly. Each element in turn can be a complete component of a machine part made up of several small pieces which are assembled together to form what we call as complete machine, which performs various applications.

The machines elements are classified into three main types: Structural elements are split from complex structure into simple elements. Structural components such as frame members, shafts, couplings, bearings and seals.

Mechanisms generally consist of moving components such as gears and gear trains, belt and chain drives, cam and follower mechanisms.

A control system is a device or set of devices, that manages commands, directs or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems. Control components such as buttons, switches, indicators, sensors, actuators and computer controllers. Many mechanical design, invention, and engineering tasks involve knowledge of various machine elements and an intelligent and creative combining of these elements into a component or assembly that fills a need serves an application.

Course Objectives

  • On completion of the course, participants will be able to
  • Apply safe working practices and understand the principles of preventive and first-line maintenance
  • Correctly diagnose a range of mechanical faults and plan a suitable course of action.
  • Understand the principles of power transmission systems and recognize shafts, chains and couplings.
  • Understand their typical applications and recognize common defects various types of bearings
  • Understand their typical applications and recognize different types of bolts and nuts.
  • Understand their typical applications and recognize different types gears
  • Recognize various types of conveyor systems and their main components drive belts and chains.

This course is 100% HRDF SBL SCHEME CLAIMABLE.

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