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Companies fail when they become complacent and imagine that they will always be successful.  So we need to continuously challenging ourselves.  Even the most successful companies must constantly reinvent themselves. By developing the management skills, employee will have the opportunity to provide the company with the effectiveness needed to place ahead of the competition. This would also help continue to see success for the company, the team members, and everyone else involved in creating the future for all.

In this course, the participants will develop their skills as a strategic planner and manage resources effectively. They will learn to leverage their personal thinking preferences using tools and techniques based on a highly interactive and hands-on environment using Lego Serious Play technique.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To make better business goals, strategic planning and tactical through creativity and imagination
  • To adapt to different thinking styles in group and team environments
  • To recognize and remove barriers to individual and group creativity to foster competitive business environment
  • To systematically analyze problems through critical thinking
  • To present ideas/insight clearly and concisely
  • To transform creativity into practical business solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Use a Lego Serious Play technique to develop creative thinking, innovative skills and problem solving.

Course Benefits:

  • Through a series of interactive small-group workshops, you gain strategic planning techniques, business management skills using critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques.

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