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HR BEST PRACTICES FOR NEW/NON-HR PERSONNEL, 18-19 Nov 2019, Radisson Hotel, Brunei

Learn how HR best practices make business sense. Find out what best HR means to employees, employers and national growth and prosperity. Know the latest developments affecting the HRM profession within the region.


In most organisations, supervisors, executives and even managers assume that the Human Resource (HR) functions are the sole responsibility of the HR Department. This perception would have been accurate during days when HR was considered a backroom function. In the current context, HR has moved from backroom to boardroom and is seen as a strategic partner to both the Operations and Non-Operations components of the organisation. Thus, the role of the HR Department is now shared among all personnel who are in charged in managing their subordinates.

With the increased pace of change and restructuring, organizations need to have in place robust and pragmatic HR practices.  Globalization and technology are also changing the way HR practitioners undertake their responsibilities. It is vital that managers and executives are geared to handling people management issues and achieving exceptional standards of performance.  The challenge is to effectively manage talent to deliver business results by having the right approach and by creating effective new HR practices.

Learning Outcome:

This 2-days training enables you to:

  • Consider a framework of HR best practices in talent management in the employment, development, reward and retention of staff
  • Develop a range of HR-related policies and procedures which will fit within the culture of your organization
  • Align your practices and procedures with relevant employment legislation employees’ expectations

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