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Tangible assets of an organization or a company can be broadly divided into two categories: inventory items and fixed asset items. The purpose of this training is to identify all inventory items include saleable goods or raw materials used for production by the organization or company. Fixed asset items include those made available for use by the staff when conducting the business of the organization or company, such as computers, office equipment, and company cars, etc.

This training aims at providing organizations with a user-friendly and step-by-step guide on stores management with recommendations to minimize risks of corruption or malpractice. Organizations are expected to adapt the recommendation to suit the organizational structure, resources, risk exposures, and any statutory requirements.

Why asset management is needed and what its main activities:

  • How the asset management function should be structured
  • The need for personnel working in particular technical asset areas 
  • The basic knowledge required by asset managers
  • The personnel roles required in asset management and the competencies required for those roles
  • What is meant by asset management policy?
  • What is meant by asset management strategy?

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