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FAST CLOSING MONTHLY AND YEAR-END ACCOUNTS, 20-21 February 2023 @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu


Are you tired of struggling to close your monthly and year-end accounts on time? By taking our course, you’ll learn how to streamline the finance function, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and improve the closing cycle.

In order to be effective in Fast Closing & year end accounts, you need to have the financial management skills to problem solving. This course will help to provide you with an environment that stimulates proactive behavior in order to achieve greater goals for yourselves and your organization.

You’ll also learn how to redesign the finance function, implement process improvement projects, and understand the role of finance managers in enhancing the operating cycle. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently tackle the critical roles of the finance function and know how to avoid the “Trojan Horse” that can derail your efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity to become an expert in fast closing – sign up now!


By the end of this course, participants will be able to;

  • Know what are the critical roles of the finance function
  • Identify the Trojan Horse of finance function
  • Redefine the Close Cycle & redesign finance function
  • Improve the finance process
  • Implement process improvement project
  • Understand the application of enhancing operating cycle
  • Redefine the role for finance managers

100% HRD Corp Claimable Course: Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas

For more information, please contact the following Program Consultant:

Ms. Tracy / email: / Tel: +6 088 731 570

Ms. Grace / email: / Tel: +6 088 731 575


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