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There are numerous causes of stress in our lives; many of which unfortunately cannot be avoided. The goal is to learn to reduce the amount of stress in your life while at the same time increasing your ability to manage it when those unavoidable situations occur.

This training course provides you with techniques to manage your stress including how to implement specific relaxation techniques, identifying and avoiding stressful situations, coping with setbacks, accepting and coping with stress in certain situations and altering circumstances to minimize the effect stress has on you. Effective stress management will lead to better health and greater productivity. This is participant centered practical workshop without much lectures and theories.

During the beginning of the workshop, the participants will be guided by the facilitator to face the brutal facts of their stress and eustress life practically. Upon discovering the self, about 9 stress management tools will be demonstrated and applied during the workshop. Some take home cds will be given to the participants to continue with the diagnostic process after the workshop.

During the workshop, the facilitator shall administer and apply the powerful stress relief tools from various psychology sources. Evidential data with clinical practices shall be given to the participants throughout 2-day course which will provide quality tools to maximize your opportunity of successfully negotiating.

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